Hypothetical (or not)

If you already signed an offer but company countered 30% on top, would you renege on offer?

What was your reason for making the move to begin with? If you weren’t happy maybe the extra money won’t fix it anyway?

Tough situation. Who says your company won’t can you after 6 months once they prepare to find your successor? In the short term it’s worth it for them to give you the 30% raise with no immediate person to step in.

It is definitely a dick move, so ask yourself, what is your price for being a dick? I’m not saying don’t renege… just consider how much it is worth to you to know you did not do a dishonorable thing.

Agreed. Our industry is so small, that i constantly encounter people i used to work with. Reputation is everything

It was a hypothetical question, BUT you need to be ready to answer it, when you are handing in your resignation

I’m not talking about being ostracized in your industry, even if that is a real concern. I mean, how much do you need to be paid to do a bad thing? For instance, if you pay me $10 million, I will punch a little girl in the face.

Really shameful.

Props for honesty

It’s a postive NPV.

For $10 million, it would be irresponsible not to. With a portion of your winnings, you can buy the little girl a barbie doll and a happy meal at McDonald’s. She will quickly get over the punch.

Even if you had to punch her as hard as you could?

What if you had to live with her and her family for a month before and after, and could never tell anyone that you made $10 million off the punch?

For me personally if I was looking to move jobs I probably wouldn’t care about the money they countered with. It’s really tough to trust an employer that won’t make a move till you do. I think it would be kind of odd after if you decide to stay too.

I feels really good to turn down the 30% counter, believe me. I didn’t think it would feel good, but it really did. Couldn’t be happier about the decision .

I have no doubt I could kill or paralyze a little girl with a punch to the face. Certainly no amount of money I would take for that.

That being said, I understand the point you are trying to get across. For $1 billion, I would renege on a previously accepted offer in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t do it for $1. The rest is negotiating.

lol. just think of the irr on this one.

You don’t have to hit her with an upper cut or hook