I(A) Knowledge of the law - quick question

So if there is a law change in XYZ country earlier in the week and the CFA charterholder is not aware of it, and performs the now illegal action, does that violate law I(A)?

I think so - because it is his duty to keep himself aware of the applicable law. OK - so what if the law changes yesterday evening, and he commits the action today. I’m not going to think about this one.

haha, yea I doubt CFAI will be that anal. Thanks serfdude

here’s a very tricky point regarding this standard from my level one notes: “Pay special attention to stricter law statements “Advisors shall follow the law of the clients country!” so don’t use your own stricter law, you have to follow your clients, and if your clients’ law is less strict than the standards, you MUST use the standards.”

it is your responsibility to be aware of changes in compliance laws so it would be a violation, for instance not having the correct registration with securities authorities (according to an exam answer I got wrong). any loopholes or additional grey areas to be aware of on this point?