I.A - Knowledge of the Law

Question: Standard 1A - Knowldge of the Law states that members and candidates must understand and comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations (including CFAI Code and Standards). So, if a member violates any of the codes and standards, for example, violates priority of transactions or issues a recommendation without reasonable basis, is that member then automatically ALSO in violation of 1-A? In other words, if I understand this correctly, it’s impossible for a member or candidate to be in violation of only ONE rule, when, by virtue of being noncompliant with any rule, is then non-compliant with 1A as well? Do I have this right or am I overthinking this?

Yeah but it doesn’t make any difference. CFAI can discipline you for one infraction just like they can for two.

yeh, an infraction is an infraction…none is more worse than another… they are all equal i reckon ie. its not like comparing a speeding fine to a murder