I actually used my CFA knowledge today!

I am comparing four different money managers SMAs - and I used all the different sharpe ratios, information ratios, alphas, betas, etc… to paint a colorful picture for investment, and to brutally rip into a manager who is playing in the large cap active management sandbox.

Thought you all should know.

I’m doing pretty much the same thing right now- I’m also looking at batting averages, which I had never heard of til today

Ha. For real. IDK why it’s not in there either.

I used my CFA knowledge (VaR, CVaR etc) the other day in a job interview. Didn’t get the job, for which I put the blame solely on CFAI.

Then you realize they all will eventually underperform the S&P 500, but at least you’re keeping them in business I guess…

more close to CIPM materials // alpha means Jensens’ or any kind of multifactor(FF, Carhart)? // Jensens’ is totally garbage except for estimating market exposure at least… if alpha totally bullshit…

i like this


CFA knowledge helped me to change a job - right opinion at right time was expressed and my boss have heard it, likely