"I am a Chartered Financial Analyst" is reference this ok?

I am infamouse for failing ethics.

I know “I am a CFA” is wrong. but is

Assume a charter holder says “I am a Chartered Financial Analyst”, is it ok?

it’s not. “I’ve earned the CFA designation.” “I am a CFA Charterholer.”



No, because literally: CFA = Chartered Financial Analyst

I am a CFA = I am a Chartered Financial Analyst

So, if one of them is wrong, then both are wrong

Bluntly speaking, I don’t think that it is a violence of ethics to say that “I am a CFA”. At most, it is just a technical issue.

Do say

I am a CFA Charterholder

XX (your name) CFA.

I passed LI, LII and LIII in three consecutive years from 2002-2004

XX, Chartered Financial Analyst.

Dont say

I am a CFA

I am a Chartered Financial Analyst

I expect to pass in 2012

I passed all three levels of the toughest management exams in the industry

I don’t understand the grammer and logic of CFAI !

I noticed that the Schweser video describing the CFA program refers to charterholders as CFAs!

I hear people say “he is a CFA” or “he has a CFA” even among charterholders,

just too many syllabals to say C-F-A char-ter-hol-der.

C-F-A, short and easy

CFA should not be used as a noun by itself . It should only be used in conjunction with the words " designation" , or as a title after your name , never as an “a CFA”. This is Level I stuff