I am a undergrad student (in my final year) should i sign up for june 2015 CFA level 1? Need Advice


Im currently studying degree in Finance , and i have about a year till graduation. Im really interested in signing up for CFA level 1 next year June(2015). My question is:

  1. I really want to take CFA level 1 test during my last semester (Next year)

2)Im willing to put time in studying all the materials,although subject in my degree are quite tough.

  1. Is it true although if i take CFA level 1, my resume will stand out. even though my CGPA is

2.5 out of 4, and that will improve my chance of getting a job?

4)Is it advisable to take the test (Level 1) although you have no completed your studies?

5)Is june Level 1 2014 edition text book/study material content are the same as level 1 june 2015 material? because i want to start studying now. so that it will reduce my chance of failing

The reason why i really want to sign up for CFA level 1 because my my grades (CGPA) cant drastically increase since i am in final year. so i think it can increase my chance to get a job. i really dream of working in investment bank. I am willing to put time in it. can anyone advise me, should i sign up for level 1?



I’m thinking if your GPA is 2.5, just focus on graduating for now. Not trying to be a dick or anything but it seems like you’re struggling with school to begin with. Putting an expensive, stressful, and much more challenging exam on top of that is just a waste of stress. Graduate then write in the following December. L1 isn’t going to help you get a new-grad job anyway…

Not sure if you meant to type 2014 or '15

Im gonna disagree and say go for it. I actually have a really good friend of mine who was in a similar situation.

I told him to focus on undergrad studies and pull it up, but once u dug urself in a grave its hard to come out.

He managed to pass level one, and gave me enough courage to attempt it as well.

I think after he graduates, investment companies will look at him with more interest and possibly overlook the low gpa.

however noninvestment related co, ur SOL if they look at GPA.

I say go for it! Anything to help boost your resume!

Im taking level 1 2015 June.

Im not doing too good in my studies, that is why im looking for other option to help boost my chance in getting a job. its true what you say, it is expensive, i am currenlty looking for a part time job, to pay for my CFA. but sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

Anyway thank you for your comment.