I am being investigated by CFAI

recevied a mail of investigation. they know my username of this forum. maybe i said something wrong and disclosed something here. this is terrible

To new Lvl III candidates who just passed lvl II:

You have come this far and all you have left is this last step. You will be well prepared for the coming exam and you will feel confident the day you walk out your exam room. You will keep your cool and will silently wait for your passing result. Regardless of what other people post, even with the slightest hint of possibly revealing exam content, you will not participate in anyway. The Charter is too valuable and fragile for you to mess things up. I hope all of you a smooth sail towards the end.

Take me as an example of what not to do and not to follow. I do not know the outcome of this investigation but I am prepared to write this exam next year. I am not admitting that my previous posts and replies revealed the exam content, I am just saying that I will let CFAI decide my fate this time.

Good luck to all of you and have an awsome summer!

To fellow level III candidates waiting for your results:

You guys are the smartest and the bravest souls I have ever gotten to know, I hope you enjoy the coming victory, all of you deserve it. I will congratulate you silently in the crowd. It seems that I will enjoy my victory champain little later.

I love you all.

I reall dont know what to do. they need my response. I ll start by compiling my posts. This feels worse than fail.

Good god…when did you receive this? All the best mate! so scary

oh well…i dunno what this means to me…i did not get up today in the morning to see this mail…

So they didn’t say what you are being investigated for? Sounds pretty sketchy.

Perhaps you could post the text of the communication you received?

passme, you are not alone. Someone else created a thread on here that CFAI gave them a PCP letter about being investigated because they made commens on this forum after the exam that were test question related .

That thread was killed off within half an hour, and since only a few people have the power to kill them, I suspect there’s something going on. I was typing to post reply, but then it gave an error. The thread must have been nuked right before I clicked submit. I managed to take a screenshot using the back button.


I warned everyone this was an incredibly dangerous slope.

So does this mean some ‘boardmember’ is a snitch?

Not necessarily. From what I understand, CFAI roams these boards.

Things are serious now.

Did I violoate anything by disclosing this type of investigation?

They roam it certainly, but they shouldn’t have access to the private email addresses. You can message someone, but it will not reveal their actual email address.

But he posted his e-mail address on the thread titled: “What have you done with all those books?

No mate

Even if the emails are revealed…they don’t have to match the one supplied to CFAI

^ yes this is true. But I don’t think everyone used a different email

^I did use the same email.

I have never figured that I can put so much effort into one thing, and in the end I can let the single little thing that get everything ruined…an email address.

It’s not all over man…maybe there is a way to fight back…

Oh. well if the person reveals their own email address… there’s no one else to blame then…

I do believe it was related to the “free-for-all” discussion in no uncertain terms regarding the questions on the exam.

Did you just receive this email passme? What is the content and what are they investigating you on?