I am celebrating

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I passed l3! I am celebrating as follows:

  • I am smoking a Cohiba Esplendido from Cuba!

  • I have eaten a perfectly barbequed T-bone steak ( 24 f***ing oz!)

  • i have alsoi eaten a perfectly barbequed rib-eye steak ( 12 f***ing oz)

  • I am drinking Bottle Number 172 of The Balvenie Single barrel, single cask, single malt 15 year old scotch whiskey

  • I am also drinking 1999 Talisker Distiller’s Edition single mal scotch

And, I am pretty drunk. Please read this with a Mexican accent! I am sooo happpy!

ok , my friend has benem tryingbto help me out, etc.

as per above, we have been drinking, thanks for understanding!


This made me laugh. I am enjoying passing also. I am also in Canada right now on vacation from So Cal. Got results on way to airport this morning. Lucky to survive the trip I was so goofy happy. Enjoy the drinks etc. I will do the same.

Haha, nice… but, 36 oz. of steak!? Damn dude, way to put it away. I was traveling back from NYC tonight so my celebration of a L3 pass was a bit muted, but currently sipping on a nice Dalwhinnie on the rocks… and why I am still perusing AF is an absolute mystery – old habits die hard, maybe?

Anyways, best to those who passed. Enjoy it.

Congrats to everyone who passed! You deserve to celebrate after the sacrifices you’ve made over three levels.

You did better that me. I was looking this morning to see what I posted last night, and could not find my post but found yours. May be best that my post didn’t go out! Congrats!