I am feeling burned out before the exam is this normal?

From the past 2-3 weeks i am studying 15-18 hours a day, and now i feel emptiness, no burning fire inside to push through these last days no matter what i do. I try to aware myself that approximately a week is left for the exam so that i can push myself harder through these last days but every attempt fails. This situation is strange i have never felt like this before in the past, i don’t feel any anxiety related to exam, just plain emptiness. There is lot of work to do yet. What should i do?

What are you scoring on mocks and such? If you are scoring ok, you need to blow off some steam, rest your brain & eyes and clear your head. You need to be ready to kick ass on exam day, not be a robot that overstudied tbh.

If you are struggling on mocks and need to get your scores up, tbh I would say just think about how much time you have put in, and how you do not want to work.

My score is pretty bad though:

Schweser AM-62%, PM 60%

That’s why i am putting in so much of effort

Either take 1 day off or reduce your study time for 2-3 days.

Agreed, you have a week and a half. Take a day off, watch a movie, go for a run, hang out with some friends, do anything but the CFA man. Your scores are on the cusp, but honestly the best thing I did was take the day before the exam super easy, go to bed at like 9pm, and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the exam.

I saw people running through index cards before the exam looking stressed, tbh the incremental gain at that point is no where near the mental drain. The exam is a grind, there will be times during it you feel like shit and think you are getting your ass kicked, you have to stay mentally sharp.

omg I am on the same boat. I don’t really know why. I studied 400 plus hours did all the questions in book and notes and somehow I just can’t get above 65 in the mocks. I did two mock both 62%. I don’t know why maybe finance is just not for me. I work in consulting and have a decent job I sort wanna try this to just to see if I like it then I almost killed myself for last three month. Studying five plus hours after working ten hours a day just brutal. I don’t understand my scores are staying there and I don’t even care that much now. Maybe it’s just not for me.

try to listen some music…instrumental…

I feel burned out since I have been starting with CFA L 1 study in July.

Hi stuart,

u should have stopped ur self in preparation long before n see how it goes in refrehing again .

just before xms is a doubtful sitution handle .

so dont try nything NEW , like wht feel uncomfortable with., JUST TRY TO RELAX ur mood,

n cheer up by taking tests along with ur frnds. probably to enlighten ur present status.


Glad you posted this, I feel the same. My head spins and I feel like I cannot retain anything. I am reading, but obserbing less and less as the days go by. Really stressted. I still havent take mock exams. I feel like the time I am going to spend on taking mock exams, I should rather spend time to keep reading and cover more grounds.