I am going to get a sofa king cool bed for memorial day weekend! AF find me a deal

i figure when times get tough. i may be able to supplement my income with a tenant. perhaps air bnb. thots!

i am leaning towards a sectional. i would prefer king but a queen maybe cool. i kind of want those sofa beds at palazzo!!!

Gonna be awkward when your tenant wakes up in the night to 4 people pounding each other.

So is it a king or a queen? I thought you said it was a king-sized sofa bed?

And for the record, I highly recommend using Lovesac furniture. If you get the high-end stuff, it is very comfortable.


Here you go. Nothing like a bunk bed slumber party.

jesus not that. palazzo las vegas bruh. i dont think they make kings. i just wanted to make a play on words with sofa king. mwahahah. also i dont plan to use it, i just want to have the option to

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And you can have Pho King for dinner!!!

OMGAH! that is so cool. althought i would hate to have to open and close the deks everytime i need to use the comp.