I am in Washington,Need help with questions

I know it may sound a little silly,but two days from now I shall be in washington to help my wife choose a house and move over there,during this time I have time to go to a few B schools to check out their programs and see their conditions.I have prepared a check list of some kind to ask admission officers,if you find any questions which could be added please do not hesitate to tell me,as I am thinking very seriously over this matter.

  1. Can I transfer my credits to your school?
  2. How much more time do I have to spend to double major or get a minor in finance(pressuming I want to enroll in an accounting program)
  3. If I am pushing the limits how fast can the program be finished ?
  4. Can I minor in anything I desire ?

If you find any other questions which may be beneficial please share your wisdom

you cant afford a house in d.c.

^My father in law is paying,the only thing I am paying for right now is my university,which I can afford

Is this the same FIL who pumped fifteen shotgun shells into a bear?

^Yeah,he had a rifle though.Believe it or not he is somewhat a good spin surgeon.Dude the bear thing is not something I am impressed by,the only reason I posted was to say how life threatening it is,not as a sign of macho atheltism

I’m kind of curious as to why you and your wife are lettting your FIL by a house for the two of you.

Its my wifes house technically,I dont enjoy dependeing on her now,but its something I have to do so she can complete her studies.This however does not help in me understanding and getting in touch with the admissions officer better.

This reminds me of my brother in law. Both he and his wife have 8 figure trust funds stemming from family businesses and neither have held a real job a day in their entire lives. Theyre now in their mid 30s and have been living the carefree highlife in NYC for 10+ years.

Wouldn’t your brother-in-law’s wife be your sister?

^ Doesn’t have to be. Could be his wife’s sister. My wife’s sister is my SIL and her husband is my BIL, no? Although that would mean his wife also has an 8 figure trust fund, unless she’s been disowned.

Ahh yes, thank you for clarifying.

Something seems strange. Note that “Both he and his wife have 8 figure trust fundS”.

If “brother-in-law” is IHIHM’s wife’s brother, then IHIHM’s wife should also have an 8 figure trust fund.

If "brother-in-law"s wife is IHIHM’s sister, then IHIHM should also have an 8 figure trust fund himself.

If “brother-in-law” is married to IHIHM’s wife’s sister, then IHIHM’s wife should also have an 8 figure trust fund.

So in all these cases, unless there is some weird one sided sibling inheritance dynamic, IHIHM should have access to an 8 figure trust fund.

Or am I missing some scenario?

^ No, I think you covered it. My guess is that IHIHM’s wife’s family disowned her when she married him and she lost her 8 figure trust fund.

^Maybe she should have gotten that prenup

Then again, IHIHM never said that he did not have access to a trust fund.

Nice catch.

This is exactly what I was running through in my head.


pleae climb the white house fence

There’s an old saying in the lands of the East:

“The sister in law of my sister in law is my friend.”