I am not desperate because I am single. I am single because I am not desperate...


time to pop that cherry, release some anger and reduce stress brosky

My sense is that people who are not desperate don’t have any of these thoughts cross their mind in the first place.

Indeed. It will probably help your CFA/ACCA/FRM/CAIA/MBA studying too.

What’s goin on in India brah?

^ the usual


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Ha Ha, how the fk does a guy from ukraine know benny lava? He isn’t punjabi dude, they’ll be rolling over in their grave, he’s tamil.

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People who claim they are single because they are picky have to look themselves in the mirror. “I’m single because I’m picky or because I don’t settle” really means I want to date out of my league. Let’s be frank, if you dated within your league, you wouldn’t be single. Some people just can’t accept that they aren’t as great as they believe they are. A 6 should date a 6. When you want to date 8s, you’ll be single forever.

Hmm… no, i think people who are single are always under pressure by social norms (parents, married friends, etc)

So even though i don’t think about “why i am single” everyday, but the question comes up quite frequently when i am single!

But you don’t go and spontaneously write articles about how you are not desperate.

People who are single and not desperate may think about why they are single and whether they should change their dating strategy, but they never think about whether or not they are desperate.

Im single because I like banging multiple different women at the same time and I am too emotionally stunted to have a healthy relationship.

I’m single because I don’t care enough to put in a lot of effort to be in a relationship. Plus there are so few women worth being in a relationship with. If I found one who also wanted to be in a relationship with me, then I’d consider it.

There are quite a few, maybe you’re just looking in the wrong places?

How you going to know till you ask?

I know after all those “Application of XYZ in finance” this post of mine seems weird.I am single because i am happy to be single.I am not desperate means that i will not get into a relationship just to get a “trophy” girl friend.

And sex?

@isildum: You donot need to be in a relationship to have “sex”.As per Maslow’s model sex is as important as food for the body.There are many girls who thinks like me(although i am a man) who don’t want burden of a relationship.

It’s still a relationship, just a sexual one.

And if you’re having sex with someone regularly there are pretty high chances you might catch ‘feelings’ for them. What does Maslow’s model say about that?