i am still left wid 2 subjects prepration(Quants n Ethics)


I am still wid two subjects (Ethics and quants) and revision of all other subjects along with mock exams

I am really tensed…how to manage…i have just one month in hand.Please guidance required.



Don’t worry you have loads of time!.

i’m currently taking off the next 37 days to re-study (failed in dec 2014). I currently have Half of QM, Ethics, Corporate FInance, Equity, PM, Derivative & Alternative Investment left. I’m currently doing 2 Chapters a day (reading CFAI & Schewser). Although most of the stuff once i read it comes back to me , i’m re-reading CFAI not to miss anything (Avg Around 5-6 Hours a day). i’ll be done with all the Topics by Mid May (around May 15). That leaves me 20 Days of Preperation & Revewing (ALOT OF TIME… since this is the only thing i’m doing and no work ATM, college student). If i’m this tight on schedule lol your like light years ahead of me.

Ethics and quantitative methods have a total weight of 27% on the exam. Therefore, it is really important that you do well on these topics.

Some people might say that ethics is easy but I never had that feeling. The answer choices can be really tricky. I would recommend spending maybe an hour everyday (more on weekends) reading the ethics material and then doing the EOC problems.

How easy or difficult you would find quantitative methods really depends on your background. If you are already familiar with the material, you can skim through the text and solve all the problems. That would save quite a bit of time. On the other hand, if this is all new material to you, it would require some time commitment.

In your situation, I would recommend getting done with both Ethics and Quantitative Methods by May 15. Start reviewing the entire material from the May 16 weekend and that way you would still have 3 full weekends before the E-day. I found the best way to review the entire material was to do the problems in the text, EOC problems and mock exams.

Given time constraints, it might be a good idea to be strategic about what you focus on. I recommend spending more time on the big topics (FRA, Ethics, Quant) rather than obsessing about the details from the smaller topics (such as Derivatives, Al). Nobody expects you to remember everything from the curriculum.

If possible, take a week or two off work.

Good luck on the exam!

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How many revision for schweser book is required…1st reading i will be finishing in this week…still left wid mock Exam from shwesr and CFA website…In this scenario. How many reading is required?

Please help!



Finish study of Quant first. For ethics devote a block of time each day till exam day to read, solve EOC. After this attempt a mock and review where you went wrong. focus on those weak areas. Attempt another mock. repeat. take some time off before the exam.

Focus on topics in decreasing order of weightage.And above all try not to panic.


I have been following your posts and realized that the two of us have been at the same pace. I completed my first reading yesterday and planning to start revising from today. If you don’t mind can you please share with me your revision strategy?

I have the schweser audio notes which I listen to and from work. Apart from that I am planning to read through my notes, memorize formulae and work through practise exams. I gave questions banks a pass because I dont think I have enough time. The last week of the prep will be focusing in the Blue box and EOC questions from the CFAI material. That way I will cover all the necessary topics close to the exam and any learnings from my mistake will be a little more fresh.

Good Luck !!


i have already completed my first reading of all subject except quants (little is left in that subject to cover). I am planning to do CFAI end of chapter questions and Mock pappers along with one more reading of few main subjects.

I have taken off from work for 3 weeks… .This will give me much time to review.