I am tired and taking the rest of today off

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will probably on on the beach for a late evening walk

I maxed out at 4 hours today and I am pooped.

You were the guy trying to do all of level 3 in 1 month?

I remember a couple of threads from this guy saying he was going to do 12 hours a day for the next 30 days, or something like that.

Jeffsick, how is that working out for you?

His location is listed as Barbados… It can’t be working out terribly. I’m taking the rest of today off too - crushed CFAI 2009 AM in an hour and half (although why wouldn’t I, it was 3rd or 4th time taking it…pretty much just wrote answers from memory in a daze without reading questions or doing calculations). Gotta keep treading water till te 3rd

No, was not me. I have been studying consistently since January 1. I have been studying three hours a day since January 1 on week days and about 8 to 10 hours on weekeds.

I also took two weeks off work in April and two weeks off now to finish this thing.

I was extremely tired today because I have been doing 10 hour days since Sunday.

So guys, it was not me who think I could conquer this maguffy. I am a retaker and know what it takes and know how big I screwed up last year.

As a former AFer from last year used to say.


^ i beleive you mean NO EXCUSES

Ya time for a break… I am only putting in a couple hours today because I have been hitting it really hard the last few weeks. One last respite before a heavy week! If you started 5 months ago like most of us, it is not going to kill you to take a break at this point.

“I am tired and taking the rest of today off”

If I got a dime for every time I said that, I would not need CFA level III. F me.

I am guessing the guy who is doing the exam in 30 days either gave up and is on the beach somewhere, or decided that time spent on AF is not a good use of time.

I guess we will know in 3 months, assume he failed if he did not come back to say he passed.

Woke up at 6:30 and i cant get my a** back to sleep. Ugh i hate it when this happens. Thinking too much about this exam is a disaster.

I woke up at 6:30 and had a redbull, gona keep doing this till exam day, your a** does need to be back to sleep anyway, sleep is for suckers

you sleep after CFA, or when hezbollah, mosta2bal, owet, awnyeh, kill you

depending on which side you are on

my a** is not on any side, shu bta3ml bil hayeit 3a fekra? do u live in the states or bas hek 7atit ur location? Ive had too much redbull lately

Analyst b haydi el emarah yali feha beneyi taweleh lol, ma badi ol esim el ma7al hon 3ashen bfadel 5ali privacy

I was in the states… I been having a few redbulls a day + caffine pills, I consulted with my doctor who said its okay for the short run.

Man I say if you get an opportunity get out of that country, going back would be a nightmare for me. One day I am going to renounce my citizenship, Lebanon is never going to change. People too stupid stupid to see what is going on. I lost interest in that country, you only live once. I dont even have Lebanese channels programed in my receiver.

The best advise I can give you, is what other gave me before, GET OUT.

man ana betla3 min hal balad lamma le2e forsa barra etla3 eshteghel fiya :slight_smile: manne mayyit 3alei la hal zbele. ma 3arfen kif etla3 … b2adim online w kel shi bas ma fi ella khalij w halla2 ma ktir 3am yekhdo i guess.

Ana style 4-5 nescafe b nhar ma3 redbull … sarle 3am bedros few months bas bidal 3ande do3of b ktir mahalleit… kif dares? adde 3omrak?..ana analyst kamen.

24, mish m7adar mne7 bas mirte7 3a wad3i…

e5ir she ya3ni el typical business student mano 3abkari, fa ma tingash bil 50% pass rate…

iza wa7ad 3indo shwayet 3a2il w daras okay, bstas3ib yos2ot

ana 7a sajel FRM next…

job market ta3ben bil khalej, al least b dubai… so latyen b 5rana w natren… bas bfadel my shity job here 3ala going back to lebanon… at least here when the market picks up, there is an economy…

me5id off min el shegil w e3id 3am bl3ab, mish kter far2ani ma3i, bshek ino os2ot, bas mish hal2ad mayet la inja7, ma 7a et2adim w et2a5ir she

ana saraha betfidne eza najahet, fi 3ande educational opportunity eza meshe l hal. I took 3 weeks off!! meshe 7ala b kam topic w b gheir topics tabish 3a rase. My next step is MBA barke aw Msc Finance, hek beshteghel w bdarris 1-2 courses bi7al ma 2deret etla3 min leb. w in case sa7alle forsa, betla3 lyom abel bukra. Market b saudi mniha ma beha shi bas id rather enja7 level 3 ba3den addim ta ma e7ro2 cv.

ma 7a a3mil MBA ger bil US, MBA min el middle east kilo zbeli, ba3rif AUB mba grads working for crap in dubai. Not to say thats what they all earn, but its just not going to secure you a decent pay

7a dalhni a3mil gmat la jeb score that puts me in a top school in the US w forget all these certifications, Msc finance with CFA is redundant…

Not if you want to go in the educational field. matshed 2idak ktir bil MBA min US, a friend of mine khallas b top school w dallo sene w nos ma yle2e sheghel ta rah 3al kuwait w 3am yeshteghel b same salary 3am bekhedo hon. Anyhow, ma adir efta7 kteb ya zalame :s shi me2rif.

define top school, Harvard, Stanford, Colombia, Stern. iza your friend min hal schools w bala shegil, ynt7ir.

kil ma balesh dares bn3as w bnem.

nemet ba3id el redbull degri, w 7lmet 6 marat kamen

ma bser hek. lal mazbot awal she lezim entafi el pcs

Jeffsick, do you mind sharing what it was that you think got you last year? Did you just not study enough or did you not focus on the right topics?