I am worried!!!

I didn’t think about this during the exam but now I am worried. In answering the questions, I didn’t write the question number but I wrote only Part A, Part B, etc. Will this affect my grading?

As long as you answered in the correct areas, you’re good. No worries.

Definitely fine. The lined pages were labeled for specific numbered questions anyways.

Yeah, in the page margins, they had the question number in white, inside of a black box. You just needed to write A, B, C, or i, ii…

no guys each page had a designated question spot on it. for ex 4a 4b 4c etc. I almost made the mistake of putting multiple parts on the same page…

jk. although today I was just watching tv and was thinking about this. but the margin just said the #4, no abc etc markings

Thanks all

No, I don’t think that there were markings like 4a, 4b, 4c etc. Correct me if I’m wrong?

Because then for sure I’ve failed the AM section.

no there was nothing like that

He is kidding. They only had question number (1, 2, 3…) in the margin.

I did write ii before i or B before A in some places (because I felt more confident about ii or B) and noted that prominently - hopefully the grader won’t be half-asleep when he grades my paper and misses that.

I didn’t write the a, b, c in margin, but wrote these just next to the margin (in the broader area), but wrote these letters in clear way. Would that be a problem?