I bet that Bill divorces Hillary

If Hillary doesn’t get the VP slot, I predict Bill says goodbye in early 2009. I don’t know how to speculate$$$ on this but I see it as a lock.

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Tradesports (www.tradesports.com) has created an exchange for options based trading that focuses not only on sports, but politics, current events, weather, etc. You have to be careful of the liquidity factor though.

I dunno. Have you seen the photos of women Bill’s been with. Hillary is the best looking of the lot, I think, and smart to boot. I can’t see him dumping her, even if he is tempted by “a bite on the side” every now and then. And I’m pretty sure he genuinely likes her. Now, maybe Hillary will dump Bill. I’m not sure why she puts up with him, other than the charm factor and the “don’t mess up family life any more than it’s already messed up” principle. She probably genuinely likes him too, even if she can’t stand his weaknesses.

i would go for Hillary…she is pretty hot.

University of Iowa also has a futures market on the political nominations for the two parties.

Hugh Hefner is a huge Hillary supporter and will reportedly pay enough money to fix her campaign finance trouble if she poses for Playboy. Personally, I don’t think it would be such a bad move. She needs to find a way to be more “open” with voters. Plus you can find nekkid pictures of Sarkozy’s wife.

Nice. Way to set the women’s movement back about 50 years. A woman makes it to the Presidency but only because she was willing to pose nude in Playboy while tolerating an adulterous husband.

If you’re looking for attractive look no further than McCain’s wife… If you’re looking for pug fugly look no further than Hillary

AbbeFaria Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > If you’re looking for attractive look no further > than McCain’s wife… Uhh…I almost tasted barf in my mouth…