I can't answer calls 'cause I'm ballin' I was wakin' up, gettin' racks in the morning I was broke, now I'm rich! 2020 plans!


  1. Get Married.

  2. Have first child

  3. Cross 500k in nw.

  4. Get my six pack back

  5. Finally go see a doctor for no reason!

watch this is the year the market crashes 20% +. and all these big dreams blow up.

Are you serious? WTF is wrong with you?

#1 and #2 will make sure you don’t accomplish #3 and #4 and make $5 seem like a vacation.

I understand if you wanna get your life straight, that’s all good but that ain’t the way to do it bruh.

If the markets crashes (oh lord), it’ll be GLORIOUS. Guaranteed :slight_smile:

Nery, based on your earlier returns, I extrapolated that your net worth should be approximately $45,436.344.11 in 2020. What happened bro?

MILLION by 37/38. at least that is the goal!

i think the tax savings i have should offset the added cost of a family right?

by my calculation i should save 11k in taxes and a kid has a 2k credit for a whopping 13k!

Nice! You can get a Subaru or something with those savings!

Comments like this are why we need the thumbs up button


You better invest those tax savings in a college fund. Just sayin’, mijo… :bulb: :+1:

I had no idea people here were so fond of Subarus.

Have you already knocked her up? #2 will totally derail your financial goals, even in a good market. Plus it puts a strain on an already complicated new relationship (which marriage is, whether you’ve lived together already or not).

i think we discussed this before. but how much do you guys spend on a child? i know some said 15k, but thats just ridiculous. i was literally raised in a family of 6 under a 70k salary.

also i think kids add a strain. but at least it gives both parties a vested interest in the success of the marriage no?

better get that prenup asap

one of my coworkers just lost half his 401k

Pre marital assets covers everything!

he thought so too! ay mijo

ooo what happened? he cominggled the accts?