I can't believe it...

So, I passed lvl 1 with ease (>70 on all sections, NBD). However, while waiting for the results I drew up a master study plan to pass level 2 with equal success.

The problem is, my dumb girlfriend was using my laptop on the john and dropped it-broken; all of my excel files and word documents are gone…

Do I dump her? Or just say F it and decide to wait until 2014 to pass level 2? Any suggestions are appreciated, I AM LIVID.


santa clause divided by i


they see me rollin’

Drop her like she did to your computer. An eye for an eye

Get even. Burn her diary.

I would say hack her facebook profile ( only applies if she is a facebook addict smiley )

ROFL :slight_smile: Thank you for helping me start my day with a hearty laugh :slight_smile:

mh, I’d say it’s a Freudian slip. She was meant to drop you, but dropped your computer instead…

Thanks guys/gals, I decided to refuse her sex until she apologizes to me and my family

Eh, what your family has to do with that?

is she good in bed? if she is. Keep her

hmmm something tells me she may not take that as a threat…

I stopped reading after this point. Nice trolling.

and what was your master study plan for cfa level 1 :slight_smile:

Study plans for L1 usually don’t work for L2, so thank her and buy her a car. Then hit the books.