I can't focus at work today

Anyone else feel the same?


my boss is out of town so I dont have to focus

Thank god I’m unemployed! Hahaha!

topher Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Anyone else feel the same? same here bud.

I dont’ have any work to do. So wasting time looking at the -170 graph at DOW

This has been one of my most productive mornings in a long time. I’m trying so hard not to think about tomorrow I’m busting my ass to get stuff done haha.

I’m with you guys on this one.

I’m on the same boat. Just one day more.

could not agree more… really really hoping to see a PASS

completely useless today…

Thankfully my boss gave me a big project to work on, so I’m only spending 30 mins of the hour thinking about results and checking AF. Oh, and creating countdown spreadsheets that show the # hours left until results are posted.

I hear they have dispatched the yellow star to a postal address in DC.

jogaut Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Thank god I’m unemployed! Hahaha! Yup, ur the man.

we’ll definitely be bumping this post tomorrow as I’m sure most will not be able to concentrate tomorrow, regardless of result.

I am expecting tommorrow to go in the same way regardless of pass or fail.

I’ve been reading soccer articles all day, since the English Premier League started last Saturday. Exciting stuff…

Yeah, not the most productive day. Tomorrow will be better pass or fail. At least I’ll be in a good mood and productive, or be very productive at getting drunk.

They should release the darn stuff on a Monday. This isnt helping the recession.

I’m there, too. Of course, the day that I really want a lot of work…I don’t have any.