I can't recall much...

Hi all, I’m currently a final year student at RMIT university in Australia. Just some bg info about myself, I have a diploma in accountancy, and is currently doing a bachelors in economics and finance. I’m going to take the December 2018 level 1 exams, and have read the schweser notes twice and done all the scheweser practice questions.

However, I’m now doing the mock papers offered by CFA and Schweser and I seem to score between 60-70 for most chapters. How can I improve this score?

Reading schweser’s notes is not enough. Do practice questions in curriculum and review topics where you get wrong answers.

make notecards. seriously.

just bought them… JUST. and thanks for the tips!

My advice is to buy some CFA exam resource and do as many as possible with the stopwatch in hand. If you can’t tell the answer or at least know how to get it in less than a 30 sec you need to seriuosly re read the curriculum. PRACTICE is the key word here

Best to do EOC questions and as many mocks as possible. The trick is to keep revising the content in the form of question and answers. You are in a good place with 60-70 in mocks with more than 2 months to go!

As you’re studying, I’d recommend spending one study day per week going back to review (skim) old material to help keep it fresh.

In addition to doing all of the EOC questions and as many other practice questions as you can.

Probably the best way to do that is to write note cards. When you review, rewrite the cards. The writing helps your memory. Immensely.

I would agree and say you are in a good place. All you can do is questions, mocks and more detailed note cards etc.