I cant remember anything!!!

or atleast i feel that way.

just a lot of volume… do your best

the more you study and read and review the material, the stronger the bonds between the axons and the neaurons become. Over time, your synapses will become thick and full of smarty goodness. and yes, smarty goodness is the technical term for that. as you study, your brain is becoming denser and denser and building stronger pathways so that you can access more information at a quicker pace.

Sleeping is important too. My memory tends to improve after ample of sleep.

Very true. Especially if you go to sleep right after reading something you want to remember… your brain needs time to process and store everything.

Here is the thread I posted back in April about sleep and memory retention. http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?12,944559 A regular cycle of sleep and study seems to work for me. Tricky topics like Ethics, FSA and even industry analysis (= Porter’s) start to stick now.