I cant wait to rip this exam to shreds.....

is what I told myself in my dreams last night…

I can’t wait to walk out of the exam, pop in my headphones, and walk home to “Damn it feels good to be a gangster” …then spend the night destroying my liver.

By my wife, I have been told that in my dream I would scream out “70, 70, 70”

Either you shred the exam, or the exam shreds you. There’s no middle ground with this Baby!

Depending on what I see on June 7, I will literally rip up this exam into a thousand little pieces right in front of the proctors face!

and scream out “thug life” while leaving the exam room.

“THATS HOW I ROLL PEOPLE” Man I would pay to see someone rip up their test and scream that out in McCormick on June 7th.

Hey Good Guy, Didn’t know you were a Chicago taker too. Question: Does that bar in McCormick have television sets? I recall it was like a martini bar so it might not. The exam ends at 5 and the Belmont is about 20 minutes later. I won’t even be out of the parking garage by that time. Probably shouldn’t be my biggest concern, but it is. I’ve never seen anything like Big Brown.

Hmmm I am not sure, never went to the bar, I always try to get as far away from McCormick as soon as possible, which usually entails me wandering around the south side for about an hour to find a cab…