I declare victory

FBI announces Hillary will not be indicted, as I have predicted. And the FBI director is a Republican to boot.

Palantir 1 : AF 0

That’s not what he said. He said that they don’t recommend charges. It’s not up to him to indict. Even if doesn’t happen.

Can’t understand simple news story

AF: 0 Palantir: -1

I think the overall sentiment was that she should be indicted, but probably won’t be. That was my belief anyway. Any kind of fair judgment cannot be disentangled from being a political judgment at this point.

Anyway, it is probably fair in the point system to consider past records of wins or losses, in predictive ability or other things. I’m not sure what the score would be between Palantir and AF, but probably something bigger than 1 and 0.


But in reality, if he recommends “no charges”, what are the odds that the indicter (whoever it is) will decide to charge her anyway? Probably slim, at best.

Yes, but that’s not what has happened so far. Palantir applied spin or didn’t understand the news. Whatever.

Palantir posts are basically like reading very leftist media. You always have to read it with a huge grain of salt. And when he’s finally caught in a black and white lie, he’ll just default to saying he’s just trolling you all.

When is Trump going to release his tax returns?

The AG said on Friday that they would go along with the FBI’s recommendation.

Today, the FBI recommended “no charges”.

I’m siding with Palantir on this one.

That being said, the FBI says that others who do what Hillary did are “subject to security or administrative sanctions”. But since she currently has no political office and , there’s really no “administrative action” that can be taken against her.

And when/if she becomes President, then will she be subject to “administrative action” then? Would any AG dare to bite the hand that feeds them?

working for a government agency and recommending the indictment of the person who has a very realistic chance of becoming the next POTUS doesn’t seem like a good move for career progression.

FBI director was chosen by Obama. Just putting that fact out there

Normally this would be true. But in this case, FBI Director Comey is a Republican who has donated to Romney in the past. On the contrary recommending indiction may have helped his career a bit. He would be a hero to his own party. Even then he doesn’t believe this merited charges.

Again, the AG said on Friday that she would follow the FBI’s recommendation, which came four days later.