I did quite well

I am confident that I did very well on level 2. This exams are designed for accountants, business, liberal arts, history, gay studies students , for me it was just remembering so much much formulas and application of them. I am confident that I will pass with flying colors. I studied about 140 hours for level 2 FYI

Gay studies = …philosophy? Theatre? English literature?

Actually, I have seen a major called Gay & Queer studies or something of similar nature.

I wonder what the employment opps are for someone with a degree in that.

^Gay rights activist?

You can make pretty good dough suing firms/entities for their anti-gay stances and practices.

already a scumbag doing this with disabled folks


those people are called lawyers, not gay majors.

I always thought it would be interesting to try being a professional gay.

Most L2 passers on this forum didnt study. Way to go above and beyond, proud of your hard work i hope it pays off.

The lawyer needs a plaintiff.

i’ve run into these before. miserable people.

My butter getting friend your brother should know better, the gay trust someone whose underwear (damn autocorrect, I meant undergraduate degree) is in gay studies.

You with your wisdom of the inner world should know better than anyone

Saw this on instagram before always thought it was funny

the most tankiest to you and your family my man

I wonder what do they eat for the rest of the week…?

A liquid diet you say?

who cares.

lol gay studies i’m afraid to even google that at work.

there’s apparently plenty of opportunity: http://www.collegeequalityindex.org/list-colleges-lgbt-minors?order=field_lgbtminor_value&sort=desc

Any of you have gay friends? I won’t judge