I don't see myself passing, yet...

I don’t deserve to fail either. Mid August will break the tie.

you might not go to 11, but you will definitely go to 3 :slight_smile: your going to pass. I see answering stuff on here a lot so that is a big sign of passing.

G2-11, we’ll make it happen brotha I promise. We’re in the same boat. Work is killing me all I can think about is this exam and I feel like I’m forgetting everything. I’m getting pumped on practice exams and time is running out… The next 2 weeks are pivotal – lets do this.

I’m in the same boat. Its so hard to want to study after having to work long days and study for other examinations and designations for my job. This forum is definitely helpful with everybody being able to elaborate on the concepts they are strongest in. These last 2 weeks we gotta crunch it all out!

As I have said before, 3L tranposes his handle in August. Thanks, my man and others. This weekend I’m pulling out all the stops. See you all around here.