I feel like I am studying in way too much detail.

Hey everyone,

first post here, probably answered somewhere else in the forum but no time to spend searching so let the trolling begin, but hopefully there will be a helpful answer or two as well along the way.

Situation is that I am studying out of the CFAI provided prep materials for lvl 1. I know that these exams are said to be very difficult. I get that roughly 40% pass each exam and that the CFA charter is considered to be a revered designation to a certain degree. I understand that study is obviously needed to receive a passing grade however…

I read that you need 300 hrs to be successful. Currently at my pace of study and depth of detail in study coverage I will put in between 500 and 600 hrs. I feel the level of detail that is in the CFAI material, and that they ask in their practice questions is really getting into the minutia of these concepts.

I have heard that Schweser offers more succinct materials and that the CFAI materials are somewhat overinflated. Can anyone with experience please provide some insight into this. Also if the CFAI materials are extremely detailed does anyone have any suggestions on how to trim the fat from some of the more superfluous material (if it exists) so that I may allocate a more reasonable amount of time to studies than what is currently an all consuming 10 month onslaught from January to Dec of 2017.


Study however much time you have for what is needed. Take EOC questions and mocks to gauge. You haven’t said much about your background but 300 is the general minimum. Could be less, could be more.

+1 on using mocks and EOCs as a gauge. If you’re consistently scoring well (i.e., >70%) then I think you’re in good standing for the exam.