I feel like I'm going crazy.

Does anyone else feel this way?

I hear ya brother

^ count me in

me too. i’ve spent the last ten days at this desk. i can not wait to see daylight.

I fell like no matter how much I know it’s not enough. And I dont’ know how much more I can cram in there.

Cheers mate.

Same here, really looking forward to going out and having a drink. And more importantly going to sleep without the though that tomorrow you’ll need to study again, or coming back from work without the CFA hanging over your head.

I’m going to be wasted Saturday night. Completely and utterly wasted. I’m in San diego, so I might even end up in TJ.

I plan to go to bed at 6PM tomorrow since I ll have to spend so much time in wondering when I can feel asleep. wild worries on "what if"s totally drive me crazy.

Yes. We need to somehow stay calm. Lol

i hear ya… im locked in this room withering away, starting to smell like a homeless person

I shaved yesterday and had a haircut today. I look less scary now… Roll on Saturday!

there’s this big yellow in the sky thing that keeps on rising up outside my window, sticks around for 10 hrs, then disappears… any idea what it is?

It’s the CFA spy sattelite

they’re onto us

Whatever you do, don’t think unethical thoughts whilst it’s around.

you know what’s sad? i am now at the weight I was at back in college. but back then i could bench 300 lbs. i’m such a fat kid now. :frowning:

im the exact opposite… i’ve lost soooooo much weight… just sitting in bed studying… got a bit of a reality check the other day when i saw a MASSIVE cockroach crawling on the wall beside me… i was like, damn, whats happening to me??? heheeh

Same here. You guys are the only people I have been communicating with in the past week.