I feel so useless...

Im waiting for the results and meanwhile doing absolutely nothing…how iare you guys dealing with this…

Don’t work?

No, I graduate next week, have been looking for work, i live in PR but it seems apart from UBS the other small investment firms only hire family members.

Yeah I was about to say, I go to work every day…

But last year I was unemployed waiting for results, so I job hunted for a while until I decided to take classes in the fall. Once I made that decision I just started playing a lot of golf.

Sounds like you need to move to a more happening place.

Looking for work can be a full time job if you try hard enough. It keeps you occupied and increases your chances of landing a job. This may also include practing interview answers and learning more about the companies - probably more interesting than sitting around worried. I’d go that route if I was in your shoes.

Or maybe study for something else - it will keep that feeling of improvement.

Alternatively, you may just get laid a lot! That feels nice too.