I Found Ohai (Leveraged ETF Strategy)

Interesting take with lots of detail on how to implement the leverage ETF strategy.


if i recall he claimed to have a portoflio between 3 to 5m. with a daily vol of a 50k used porsche

Was he bragging about the $$ value fluctuation? Or the standard deviation?

1-1.6% of his portfolio really isn’t anything to be bragging about. At least not when the S&P500 did those moves probably like 100 days last year.

edit: I mean, I get it that he wasn’t really ‘bragging’ obviously. Don’t focus on that.

lol well if rawraw is right. ohai was a capper

Such figures are like toilet paper to me…

def not Ohai

pretty sure ohai is more like hwang from archegos. lol

Don’t think it’s ohai but find the strategy very interesting. RIP Ohai

Actually somewhat worried about that dude. Did he ever sign off or anything?

I’m not active enough. I think I miss 50% of the updates around here. But I think he disappeared mysteriously.

Jun 8, '10

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Mar 9, '20

Jun 30, '20

he didnt use levered etfs. he mentioend that he used future/forward contracts.i thought he disappeared during market crash due to work. but at this point hes jus mia.

Perhaps the daily volatility of his portfolio began approaching the size of his total portfolio, and he’s spent the last 8 months or so scrambling to reestablish alpha primacy after having the market challenge that smug, calm and collected demeanor?

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ARCHEEEGOOOOSSSSSSSSS. to be fair. bill hwang turned 200m to 10b in 9 years. 55% CAGR. so there are other ppl besides ren tech.
Acts 3:15

The word “Prince” is translated from the Greek archegos, which is translated “author” or “captain” in Hebrews 2:10. But here, Jesus Christ is called “the archegos of life, whom God raised from the dead, of which we are witnesses.” In this context, the word has the sense of being “originator,” someone who starts or begins something. An archegos is one who leads the way so that others may follow. It can also be translated “trailblazer,” “scout,” or “pioneer,” and so it indicates one who leads into battle, blazes a trail, sets a pattern, one who initiates and guides.

hope he didnt succumb to the rona. looks like ihihm is now the richest man on sa

That’s not him. He posts under Ohai there.


My guess is he had a kid and got busy.

that cant be him?! we need a more detailed response

“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.”

fascinating whats going on in the stocks that hwang guy was in.