I get the Jessica Simpson Award!

I ended up in Band 1. I was in the <=50% category for EVERYTHING except Ethics, where I managed to get 51%-70%. As Charlie Sheen would say - DUH! WINNING! Did anyone do worse? Or is my performance the worst? Can I claim the Jessica “Chicken of the Sea” Simpson Award? My secret: I barely cracked my books open. I had the senioritis mentality, because I checked out of the process. Unless I get stranded on a desert island with my CFAI books or get sentenced to prison, I will never, ever have enough time to PROPERLY study for the CFA exam. I figure that I’m better off volunteering for the local CFA society and doing some stock analysis on my own.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. I took this year off, and I’m still not sure if I’ll go back next year. The program really doesn’t lend itself to my current career path. Getting through would be a feather in the cap, but it looks like little else. Sorry about the Band 1. Good luck in the future.

no where to go but up - so you got that going for you - which is nice

My consolation is that Band 1 isn’t any worse than Band 10. Interestingly enough, there was one person I sat next to for Level I in 2009, Level II in 2010, and Level II in 2011. Since I won’t be back to take the exam next year or in future years, he may not see me again (unless I end up working with him or we meet again at a CFA event).

Thanks for doing your part to push up the curve