I got my Level 2 books (sorry to post in this forum)

you give up a lot studying for this, only to be rewarded with the thrill of new books : ) - I will make a quick comb thru tonight after dinner/movies/beer/baseball and post a thought or 2. On august 19, i will move to the new forum. BUT, i will continue to check in heavily into the level I forum to help those taking level I in December. As future charterholders, we have an obligation to help those who need it. I expect the same from my comrades should they fail level 2 and need to take it again in 09 and can help us level II newbies… thanks

Congrats again man. I will hopefully be asking you questions on level 2 in january…

“As future charterholders” Isn’t that a violation of CFA Ethics??? Just kidding. Very public-spirited of you.

Thanks for rubbing in it :wink: