I had a dream I took a Book 7 exam

and got like 34%. I don’t even know what kind of questions are in there. My imagination!

I think we will all have similar dreams the night before the exam! :slight_smile: Milos

only if you sleep the night before

I dreamt that I slept through the exam ! … :slight_smile:

I had this nightmare last night that the test was tomorrow. I show up to the exam with a PEN instead of a pencil. After completing the morning session I get a pencil and start refilling in ovals over the pen hoping it would work. Then a proctor looks my way and starts writing on a notebook with a twisted grin. Awful change of pace from dreaming about Schweser audio series. How many of you plan on sleeping the night before? I can’t foresee myself being able to!

I had a nightmare last night about YTM. Couldn’t make up my mind about the change in YTM if the market interest rates change. Was completely perplexed as to whether YTM at the time of purchase is guaranteed if you hold the bond until maturity, or it changes given the change in market interest rates. To make things even worse, i had a feeling like this dream lasted forever.

KJH, don’t worry your dream will never happen since they actualy take away your morning sheet. On the flipside, you would fail since your morning sheet was marked with pen.

A real question I have is about Practice Exam Vol 2 aka Book 7. I’ve heard this is not worth doing. Since we’re in a crunch here, I was thinking of skipping exams out of that book and use both Book 6 and the CFAI Exams.

I’m currently working on Book 7 and let me tell you that Book 7 actually makes a lot of sense. This in a way that you have A LOT (did i say a lot) 2x4s. Going through these questions would give you “a real feel” for questions of this sort. On the flip side, calculation questions (which there is less of than in Book 6) are more intensive. And the tests are full of tricks so you have to be really focused and read questions at least a few times. I would definitely recommend book 7, as i took the exam in Dec '07 and from my perspective Book 7 exams are closer to the real exam in terms of formulating questions. And you might even be able to pick-up solutions to some “tricks” as explanations at the end of the book are really useful (hint: make a ref. sheet)