I had a dream

I had a dream that everyone passed CFA LII exam yes and CFAI added level IV to charter no

I am ok with it smiley What about you guys??


No, please I prefer it this way - now dont ask me why :slight_smile: I dont know :smiley:

CFA level 4 will be oral …and broadcast live on youtube!

CFA level 4 will be to the death broadcast live to the survivors of the coming economic apocalypse

I hope nobody from CFA institute is lurking around in these forums and read every post … Dude never post such dreams in public… Coz you never know the acual implications of ur dreams…

level IV - pure ethics indecision

All I can think of when I see the subject of this thread is Lionel Richie.

hahahahahhahahha…Man yr ost cause me to laugh as if I was a mad man. I will be happy if your dream comes true. Are u sure is actually a dream man/woman?

Hahahaha … Seriously Heights !!!

i had the same dream just after the level 1 exam. Only 5 people a year were allowed to pass the level 4 exam, it quickly descended into a Battle Royale type scenario.

Oh man, I will be frank, I dont have the imagination of you guys :slight_smile:

USJ2 said he has a friend who dreamt of getting trapped in Excel. Nothing to beat that one :slight_smile:

Man, did I have a weird dream last night. Basically the Institute started naming the best male and female scores in advance. Their reward was to get their results a day early and their picture in the newspaper. I didn’t get a pass email but everyone knew that I passed and I kept getting congratulated. So I actually woke up today thinking I passed and I looked on my phone again like I kept doing in the dream to see my confirmation email and it wasn’t there and then I realized it was a dream. Oh well, only a few hours left.

Good luck dude, you will have your picture in newspaper tomoro.

a newspaper called Gotham daily

Last night, I had a dream I received the email from CFAI…

I opened it and saw my score matrix (with the stars)… most of them were in the middle column…

Then I scrolled up… it said I failed Band 11…

I scrolled back down again and it said I failed the section on Hypothesis tests…

I was in shock for a minute or so after I woke up…

my gf had a dream 3 days before l1 exam that i passed.

Lets see what dream she gets this time