I had a good chuckle


She hung up twice on a guy reporting an armed robbery where the shop owner (father of four) was shot and killed. I wish our court system could sentence people to a sound beating.

To be fair to the operator the guy only said “THIS IS A ROBBERY!” and judging by his name (Hua Li) probably didn’t speak English very well. If he had said “I want to report a robbery in progress…” I doubt she would’ve hung up. What would be your reaction if someone calls you up and just yells “THIS IS SPARTA” into the phone?

It’s 911, not my house phone. “This is a robbery” clearly has a different context. She also did this to thousands of calls. One of which was a guy calling in who started by saying, “I’m headed South on 45…” I was right the first time.

Ok yea, in that case she deserves to be in the slammer.

Am I going to be banned for being “racist” here? Why do black people do stupid sh*t like this? She probably didn’t care and did not understand the consequences of her actions, not like how a reasonable person should.

I had to restrain myself too.

That being said, 911 call centers are staffed with f*cking morons. When I called in with an eyes rolled back hyperventillating 1 year old in my arms after my stairs collapsed I was talking to a real mouth breather. It was infuriating. I told her my address at least four times, each time she repeated it back to me correctly, about 15 seconds later in the call she’d ask for my address again and , repeat it back, say “oh, ok” then ask an idiotic question like, “ok, so this was your stairs?” that we’d already been discussing before stopping and asking for my address again. After about four or five minutes it only ended when I told her the address very clearly, gave her my cell and told her if we didn’t get an ambulance there in five minutes I was going to personally find her before hanging up.

John Oliver on the topic:


Imagine yourself being in a life and death situation and you dial 911 for help. Leshanda here picks up the phone and you ask for help desperately, to which Leshanda replies, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” You’d be laughing out loud while the robber shoots you. The gods must have a sense of humor. I

A female friend of mine applied to be a 911 operator. Two master’s degrees. Smart as a whip. Told she didn’t score high enough on the typing evaluation. She said her competition could barely carry on a conversation with her. Full of nepotism obviously. I believe three of her group of eight were hired. So sad.

HUH? Two master’s and she’s applying to be a 911 operator?

That’s racist to Asians and chiseled Greeks.

^Yeah, was 2009. Actually paid A LOT more than the job she lost when including benefits.