I had my a$$ handed to me

In last night’s in-class schweser exam (part of the weekly program). It was unbelievable hard. It beat me fair and square. (I got a 67). It might have been that the f’ing vignettes were NOVELETTES…seriously, 2-3 full pages of text? Really? Reeeally? Anyone else take it? How did you do?

you have to pay separately for this one right? Not included in hte online program…

Part of the in-class weekly program, held in just few cities (I’m in Boston). Not part of the online program (which I didn’t do). Must have been close a 100 people in my class. Wondering if any of them are reading this…

I am not sure about Schweser questions - they tend to make things over complicated and I notice a lot of mistakes and in consistencies in q-bank. I wont worry too much . anyway 67% is good mark

Why are you worried? A 67% will get you a pass on exam day. Added to the fact that your practice exam is harder than the real thing, I don’t see why you are freaked out.

I said it was hard, but I have no way of knowing if its harder than the real thing…and I don’t suspect a 67% will pass on game day. I’m not freaked out, just concerned. After all the work and sacrifices we’ve all made, it would be nice to be above passing on practice exams, that’s all. And there were concepts being tested that I’ve never even seen before. (acid test? WTF is that? Sounds like a drug test I had to take in high school)

67% is a legit score. If you can bang that out on a hard test you don’t have anything to worry about on the real exam. T/G

Not to be a dick but the acid test is (current assets-inventories)/current liabilities) right? Anyways you’ll improve on the 67% over the next few. My retention is still crappy, but all it takes is a quick review and the concepts come back. Hammering out questions over final stretch will make it all stick. Plus getting a 67% without the ability to cheat is pretty good at this point.

Turns out the acid test is the same thing as the quick ratio, which is different that current ratio. Quick is current ratio without inventory (cash & equivalents/current liabilities)

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If only I had millions to share! OK, nevermind…gotta get back to work…

I think a 67 would pass 9 of 10 times. The threshold is probably somewhere in the 65 range. As has been mentioned and verified “one pontential method” of grading is 70 percent of the top 1 percent. So if you figure the top 1 percent average 95 percent, then 66.5 would be the MPS.

67 is geatmman!!! It’s like a 75 on exam day. You still have time to fine tune the little things.

I took the test in Boston on Tuesday as well, and halfway through, after almost throwing my calculator across the room, I stopped answering questions and started correcting. I’ve taken 2 CFAI samples and the BSAS mock exam, but I found the Schweser exam to be overly complicated. It seemed to me like they were trying to trick you, as opposed to challenge you with the questions. Giving you too much info, or changing one word, etc. I know that part of the deal is to pay attention to details, but the CFAI sample tests and the BSAS have been much more straightforward so far. I guess after I do the remaining sample and the 2 mock exams I’ll hae a better idea what to expect on 6/7.