I hate the buttons on the BA II Plus Pro

After a decade using my Casio scientific calculator I feel the buttons on the BA II plus Pro far too stiff. I don’t think anyone can input data at a high speed with this calculator.

The non pro BA II Plus seem to have softer buttons from the look of the pictures, can anyone with experience with both calculators give me some recommendations?

I use BA II Plus, the buttons are OK, and when I was hesitating between buying BA II Plus or Plus Pro, my friends that had experience with CFA all recommended BA II Plus due to unpractical buttons on Plus Pro!

I don’t really like the buttons on the Pro model either. Like you said, they are very stiff and result in errors and finger fatigue. However, I still prefer these buttons to the non-Pro model’s buttons, which feel loose and poorly constructed.

Go 12c…you have to his less buttons.

I frequently have problems with the non-Pro where a digit will not register if I am inputting at a high speed. It’s a pain because it results in having to watch/check the screen to make sure none of the digits were skipped.

what advantage does the Pro version have the non Pro version?

I am really thinking of getting rid of the Pro version.