i hate the mock

so i take the mock exam, write down all my answers… a , b , c, d; for all 60 questions… they grade it and they dont have the kindness to even tell you the correct answers… only the grade… they dont tell you #1 is a, and so on and so forth… WTF… is this pissing anyone else off or is it justr me

How did you do in that?

they don’t give explanations? Unbelievable.

the explanations are downloadable in pdf format

they give you the explanations, but they dont give you a,b,c,d…

Not that I don’t believe you nikko but could someone else verify this. It says that you’ll see the answers on at the end.

it tells you the answers… but not, a, b, c d… etc… so the only way to really know if you got the question qrong is to write down the whole answer… not just a,b,c,d… it is f’ing annoying

Are you allowed to print anything? Such as the explanations?

yes… you can…

But if you get the hole explanation, won’t you be able to see result very easyly??

no… in my case i wrote down a.b.c.d… thus when i go to check my answers all i see is … the correct answer is this due t the fact that… i am greedy. i want the whole answer a.b.c.d. and the explanation… trust me it is annoying. wait until you take it, then get back to me

They explain to you how to get the answer, and what the asnwer is, but they do NOT tell you whether it was A B C or D. YOu would, as someone noted, have to write down the entire answer.

or make screenshots