I hate to do this to you folks.

This will be my 4th time doing L2 !!! Yuck. Last year was band 10.

However, no matter how much I think I know the material, the permutations are endless! Then I get hit by a portfolio management question that I barely recall the concept behind it, let alone trying to recall its formula. Then comes a question on something I know very well, but only to find they are asking it in a strange way, using an unfamiliar format, or new terminology. I just did some parts of an exam on different topics and it’s dizzying to say the least!

…now after these words of encouragement blush go back to your books, and smash the beast.

no worries. this will be my 3rd time, and i dont understand how until now, i still haven’t made even one pass of the material. there is no smashing no one, i am the one getting destroyed here.

took cfa am sample, got 32%. i remember my scores were better first time around 2 yrs ago. lol.


God, I am suprise it’s your 4th time. I feel like you are ready seeing all your post and your thinking behing it. do you feel like this is the time you are the most ready?

I really don’t think i can go trough this 4 years in a row. with all my Actuarial exam, my full time job this would probably kill me. I just finished my Master in finance and i tought that would give me a little break.

You are a very strong men for not giving up. I really feel that this is your year.

Good luck.

good luck… some determination you both have. hopefully it is the last time!

It needs a lot of courage to write this beast 4th time.

I’ve seen your posts and am benefited from them. Good luck, Dreary. You’ll make it!

If you don’t mind me asking, what score on CFAI mocks you were getting during previous attempts? It seems, I’m stuck at 64% and have not been able to move past that. Any suggestions would help.

This is why this exam is weird…the most ready I felt was when I thought I had everything down well, and even walked out of the exam feeling that I had done an excellent job, only to fail band 3! Not sure what to make of that.

This might be my problem…I have never done any mocks! Period. The thing is I can’t do an exam if I’m not fully prepared, which tends to be 24 hours before exam time! This time, I’m about to start doing the mocks, even though as of now I have not looked at FRA at all.

So your mileage may vary …some people are better at time management than others.

Not to be a debbie downer…Very tough exam but regardless, IMHO, if you fail twice, you’re probably better off devoting attention to some of the many more important things in life. You still walk away with knowledge and can say you gave it a very strong effort, if you did. First, I’ld say the odds of you failing level 3 move up significantly if you fail L2 once, especially twice, so say on average L3 takes you 2 attempts. You’re talking about 7 years of your life, assuming L1 one shot, with 6 mo avg studying/year, so 3.5 solid years of your life, probably some of the most important years, stressing and devoting towards a charter that in the grand scheme of your existence holds minimum value (quality of life, happiness, leisure, all much more important and take a significant hit when studying)…I understand run on sentenece, don’t care. This is just a test and it’s no guarantee of anything, job etc. I notice a lot of people on here who have done EOC 5x, 20 mocks, every question 15 x, and I can’t help but think there are so many more uses of time and energy that would benefit you in life.

This is my first time through and I’ll be honest, i’m pretty beat at this point. I have put in around 400 hours the last 4 months, while working 50 hrs + a week and commuting 10 hrs. That’s 80+hours of work activities for 4 months and it’s a lot for someone who highly values leisure, never done anything like this before. How people do all of CFAI EOC questions, actually read CFAI text several times, and not go bonkers is beyond my understanding. While studying, my standard of living has dramatically decreased and i’m not happy about it, been extremely testy at work because of nonstop pace, distant to certain friends, haven’t traveled to family in 2 months, no g/f last 2 weeks, etc. To go through this 4x more would be unthinkable and not worth it. I’ld rather pick up Mandarin, write several books, read for enjoyability, and take on other side projects that I actually was interested in and would yield other benefits beside those of monetary nature. The knowledge gained would be much more than a great deal of the academic nonsense you’re acquiring which will little be used post-test. My 2 cents…but, since you are already at the finish line, GL and I hope you make it through. Just keep in mind (and maybe this will help you ease up on test day), there are SO many more important things than this charter. Waking up each more and being able to ask yourself, “Am I truly happy with my life” (not ecstatic obviously, but above content), and answer definitely “Yes” is where the true value is. Anyways, GL

Wrong. I failed L1 twice, studied a lot harder for the third time, and crushed it. Not everybody gives up on their goals so easily.

Can you see what’s wrong with your logic here? You’re talking about a bunch of sunk costs and saying that’s why a candidate should stop at a certain point in time. Any L2 candidate has less than 2 years to go, ALWAYS.

So why did you spend 400 hours studying yourself?

you must be quite dreary dohohohohohohoho

but yea that doesn’t help at all. that probably lowered people’s confidence rather than boosted it.

why skip the mocks? that’s a very crucial part of the study.

Awesome Clark Awesome.

I failed Level 1 twice too. But I was not even reading all the material, not taking it seriously, I just took the after-partying seriously.

lol, geezie you fool

btw, dreary hit the mocks fast, you want the practice! it;ll make you see the same info in a new way.

P.S. i bet there are two people in this thread who are sitting at palais des congres this saturday?? i’m betting on it

Exactly. Same here. I simply didn’t study enough. No secret.

There are only a few ways to miss a question on a CFA exam:

  1. Not reading the question carefully enough and marking the wrong answer.

  2. Being tired from not resting well enough. Perhaps you know the material, but your mind can’t focus.


If you study well, get a good night’s sleep, and read the questions carefully, you will get the right answers. If you fail L2, you STILL have less than 2 years to complete the exams, assuming you study well for the upcoming exams. Everything else is in the past.

It’s not like people are just too stupid to ever be able to pass this exam. We all have at least bachelors degrees and we’ve passed L1. We can pass L2 if we just study enough.

I second that you should hit the mocks fast. Don’t feel that you need to be “ready” to take the practice questions.

The idea is: you can’t know everything, it’s impossible. But everytime you get a question wrong, you try to learn from it. That learning is just another addition to your knowledge, same as reading the curriculum or doing EOC questions.

Ideally, if you have the material down packed, then yes you should be doing very well on the mocks, but you are low on time now. jump into the problems.

Personally, I can’t imagine doing L2 four times. That’s horrendous torture. And the only prize awaiting you if you pass is L3, which is just another door of torture

je pensais que c’était à place bonaventure! ahahah

good luck!

Good Luck Guys… We can do it this time!!

Good Luck Guys… We can do it this time!!