i hate uppermank questions, so frustrating


I have been studying about ten chapters and their Qbank is full of questions like this one. Badly worded question, multiple choices that don’t make sense and solution that don’t explain anything.

For example in this question, the solution is A, that is A is false according to the solution, okay, but why? The solution explaination does not explan it at all, it just says another statement is true, it does not explain why choice A is wrong. But when you refer to the UpperMark text, choice A is clearly not False

I though about purchasing UpperMark - this really makes me wanna rethink. The answer and the question has nothing to do with each other and A is not the correct answer (as you point out). Have you contacted UpperMark - do they have a response to this? This is devastating to their business model and should be corrected ASAP.

Uppermark is superb. Taking level 2 and smashing through the questions now.

I think your best bet is to use to free study materials from the CAIA website… When I took L1 I mainly relied on taking as many questions as I could through one of the providers without really understanding the theory and concepts behind the questions… I failed on my first attempt. The second time around I used the free materials and passed each criterion in the highest category… For L2 I am using the same strategy.


Seriously, you can not even do Uppermark qbank even if you read their notes. UpperMark, absolutely trash. i don’t know where their reputation as top CAIA material provider come from??

Just look at their questions. answer is tax liability/penalties. No where is that mentioned in the Notes. more than half the questions are like this.

I think the person who wrote the questions just randomly picked shit from the Wiley book. Absolutely a joke.



Which of the following is not a type of mammal? A type of mammal is

A. Lion

B. Dog

C. Spider

D. Goat