i have 90 hours left

i’ve been following the board since a month but every time i read a post i get nervous and guilty. it looks like most of the people that were awesome at level 2 - csk, bigbabbu, pimp etc are maintaining their high standards. anyway, i only started studying since the end of february but the cfai material put me off - i wasn’t making much progress on them, could only do 5 study sessions in more than a month. so i switched to studying from schweser review notes and managed to complete everything just now. i’ve read many posts here about how schweser sucks and cfai material is way more in depth, so i am pretty scared now. however, i want to make the best use of the 90 hours that i have now and wanted your advice on how to maximize my chances of passing. i badly need to. what should my priorities be now 1. cfai’s end of chapter questions 2. schweser question banks 3. schweser tests 4. all cfai tests (i have the willingness and ability to buy them) 5. anything else i would really appreciate if you could spend a couple of minutes on this. pleeease!

I would say: 4 (sample, mock, and previous essay) 1 (only those that “make sense”, it is easy to get confused) 3 (although i don´t like those super long texts… if you don´t have time, go directly to the answers)

I would move up anything related to CFAI and move down anything related to Schweser. Once you take the mock exam you will thank me for it. It’s pretty much designed to be the Anti-Schweser. It’s funny, if Schweser says " I don’t expect you will be asked to perform this on the exam" … it’s in the mock for sure.

90 hours?? YOu do realize its next Saturday teh 7th not this SAturday the 31st, right?

bigwilly Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 90 hours?? YOu do realize its next Saturday teh > 7th not this SAturday the 31st, right? i spoke to someone yesterday (level 3 candidate) who thought the exam was the 31st. Just goes to show you how “aware” some are.

thank you hala_madrid and mo34, i get your point - i’ll focus on cfai mock and end of chapter questions. @bigwilly: i have 4 days off next week - so that’s 6 full days in total and 4 working days (6*12 + 4*5) roughly 90 hrs - i had been very optimistic in the past couple of weeks about the number of hours i put in everyday, but have been disappointed every single day yes former trader, that’s very likely - back in february, when i was counting the number of days left, for some reason i assumed exam’s on june 3rd like it was last time, thank you all guys!

Today my Shweser Vol 1 is coming. I will do that and CFAI mock exams. Here is a question though: Sample exams or mock exams? which one is better? anybody took both?

bigwilly you continue to scare me. I am in a similar position to flyingc, about 90 hours between now and the exam - I thought that would be a solid run to the finish as I do have a full time job but will be taking all of next week off. (12x7 plus about an hour a day during the week). Is it even possible to get 90 hours in by 5/31? do you sleep?

lol, yes I sleep. It was roughly 90hours until Saturday when I saw the post and thats what I thought he was referring to, not 90 hours of studying…Thats still a lot of time.

haha! it would be awesome if i can study for 16 hours a day though. that’d make it over a 100, but i seem to have forgotten the art of studying for a couple of hours without checking email, amazon, facebook or wikipedia. every night before i go to sleep i feel empty.