I have a big one

pass or fail…no one can take it away from me… : ) In all seriousness, although it is nice to discuss questions it will only add more apprehension and anxiety into your daily dose of what you’re getting already. Look at it this way…If you read a question that you got wrong it will make you feel even worse, and if you read a question you got right well imagine how you would feel when you see the big FAIL on your paper. I’m just saying we all need to relax and I wish everyone luck with that. We studied hard and posted on here so after June 7th/8th we would never have to set out foot in this forum again…until August…or to shoot the sh*t with some ‘friends’. I know you all probably are gonna disregard this message, and that is fine. The impetus behind me writing this message is to wish you good luck with your results and hope that somehow/someway you’ll be able to have some fun in your life, because win or loss on this exam…the fun stops in 3 months again! Cheers!