I have been getting 55-65% on all my Schweser Practise Exams

But I got a 80% on CFAI mock 1. I think someone is trying to send me a message that Schweser exams are harder than cfai mock exams. Who are you?

I like this message, :slight_smile:

I think mock 2 was alot harder than mock 1. For me schweser book 6 have been around 73% pretty consistently. Mock 1 I got 77% and mock 2 I got 70%. soo…try mock 2?

I thought mock1 was harder. I got a 66 on 1 and an 80 on 2

thought 1 was harder

we all had a time series question for mock 1, right?

Like i said i thikn CFAI switch around mock 1 and 2. My mock 1 may be your mock 2. Basically i scored the highest (which i thought was the easiest) on the mock that DIDN’T have econ (like the classical growth stuff)

schweser feels a lot harder than mock and sample tests…

I hear the one that gives me the lower score is the harder one

why would they do that though.

Let’s set the record straight here: MY mock 1 had that ridiculous FSA with Equity method, consolidation, etc with those 4 stocks (desoto, marco, etc). Was that Mock 2 for anyone? Or was that everyone’s Mock 1?

that was mock 1 for me…

That was mock 1 for me as well T/G

Mock 1 as well. I’m still pissed at that credit spread answer.

Which one, the one about the downgrade risk? I fell victim to that too

yup. me too. felt like a trap but walked right into it anyway.

still makes no sense to me, actually. If I saw the SAME question on exam day, with the SAME possible answers, I’d still choose downgrade risk, because it still seems right. THAT would show them.

I must be one of the odd ones out…I did much better of Schweser than I did on the CFAI Mock…WTF?