I have now finally lost faith in humanity


Lady Gaga’s descent into NRG Stadium on Sunday was pre-recorded.

^You barely figured that out? What a mark.

I’m pretty sure I heard them mention it during the broadcast that it was pre-recorded.

Actually, I was spending quality time with my daughter on the ski slopes and arrived home during the 3rd quarter, so I didn’t see the half time show.

Got home just in time to see the Patriots remember the game started.

They should actually give me credit for the win. It was 28-3 when I tuned in.

Lightweight singer Lady Gaga spreading fake news!

Was it for safety concerns?


Let me guess, skiing was your idea and something you’ve done for a very long-time and passed on the interest to your daughter.

This is one of the oddest comments I’ve read on here in a long time.

That person Turd who records those videos on here is quite odd as well.

Turd and I will rule over all you plebs after the Great Reset. Start building your stack of gold now!

Your guess would be incorrect.