I have to appreciate his honesty


"Multiple women have contacted law enforcement and Gonzaga campus security in recent days saying that an individual approached them on the trail, slapped them on the backside and then fled. The actions led media outlets to refer to the individual as the “Spokane Spanker.”

Jonathan Smith, 28, approached the downtown offices of KHQ Television and identified himself as the spanker. In prepared remarks, he apologized to the victims and said he did not want anyone to feel unsafe because of his actions."

“I saw women’s butts that I liked, and I slapped them for the thrill,”

He is a man from another time, a gentler time.



The article says he is currently homeless, so perhaps the confession is a good strategic play because at least a jail cell might be an upgrade to sleeping on park benches.

There’s going to be plenty of butt slapping where he’s going.