I have too many questions! please Help me

I don’t know if i can but my phone number is +50588837914 (whatsapp), I have too many questions regarding the cfa candidate resources interface and I need someone to walk me through it. I’m gong to try to elaborate as many as i can here:

I took a year off from the cfa but now that i return and have the upcoming test on may 29 the interfaceis waaay diffferent

  1. I can’t reschedule my deadline to May 29th. It only lets me up to May 17. Will I be able to still use the resources after May 17?

  2. Also, I remember that the interface was very easy and it gave you a study progress. But now it makes you read a TON of pages and then gives you review questions? Do i have to read these pages? because my test is 1 month away and this looks too long. I also read somewhere that I don’t need to to review the CFAI AND these notes. That one or the other was fine.

I’m done reading the material, now i Just got to practice. But i can’t seem to find the interface where I would receive 10 problems of quant and then jump to econ for 5 problems and then jump to Corp finance and so on…

  1. How do I optimeze this interface???

  2. Also, it was almost impossible to find the Study interface thingy, as it was removed from the candidate resources? WHAT IS GOING ON???