I (I) was so wrong (wrong) for so long (long)! Only tryna please myself (myself)! Bitcoin friend almost cuckolded.

Look, every woman is a gold digger to some extent. Take this chick below for instance - she was probably the #1 HCB in her time, but do you think she married the Prince of Monaco just for his personality? The point is, if the woman is high class, she is still on the scale, but just to the far right.


is she quality?


before peppers she was just an IG model but then she hit the jackpot. was she always quality or became quality after her him.

asking for a friend

Holy, hell… You can just see the sadness and misery in that guys face in the left picture.

“The twinky of pastries, if you will.”

BS, could I borrow this quote, please? I will of course credit you. :grin: :+1:

It’s hard to make that determination based on one data point. She obviously scored high, but the market is not efficient. Maybe she would have settled for someone lower on the totem pole, who knows. Men’s decision is not always indicative of quality, as males think with their dicks.

Anyway, what determines class is what you do with your life before and after getting rich. Some people are always trash, like Steve Mnuchin’s wife. Some people can be class even without any money. However, I can probably say that someone who gold digs a dude without a good job or other achievements but because his parents have a few million $ is probably not class.

In reality, a top quality gold digger is someone who has money and also wants to marry somebody else with money. Basically all of NYC society.

you cant really get mad at a gold digger. they are just doing what’s right for them. the usually who are with a gold digger are the enablers, and they typically know the deal and feel like the women are there property. when bitcoin was complaining about the girl he was saying stuff like “i pay for everything, and she thinks she can disrespect me by going out with another guy, i’m no cuck, and she needs to do what i tell her to.” lol my gf actually took offense to this. haha.

bitcoin went on and was like, dude she’s going to regret this in the future, she’s going to lose the 1 guy that treated her so well. no one will ever treat her so nicely the way i did. im loyal and i pay for everything, she is retarded. lol couldnt help but laugh cuz chicks dont go for guys just cuz their nice and loyal. they like dudes that confident and can pull other chicks. as the old saying goes, chicks pull chicks!

Nery do your rich friends consider you as gold digging them?