I (I) was so wrong (wrong) for so long (long)! Only tryna please myself (myself)! Bitcoin friend almost cuckolded.

Girl, I (I) was caught up (up) in her lust (lust) When I don’t really want no one else, so no I know I should have treated you better (better) But me and you were meant to last forever (forever) So let me in (let me in), give me another chance (another chance) To really be your man


so my bitcoin buddy got engaged about a month ago. he proposed cuz he admitted to cheating and she got mad. anyways fast forward a fight or two. he is now officially single again. gold digger tried to cuckold him. he was in a poker tournament on Tuesday and came home early cuz he lost. when he came back, gold digger told him he was meeting a dude at 11pm at a hermosa beach bar. anyways bitcoin flipped and told her i draw the line here. he now suspects that she has been cheating and does not trust her. he doesnt mind being used for his money, but he doesnt want to be cuckolded. anyways he was pretty distraught. so we took him partying on saturday, and he was able to pull other girls. haha im a bit envious with his newfound freedom.

anyways sunday i couldnt hang though as i was at the top floor at hilton anaheim, watching fireworks from disney while making fireworks in bed. i tried to have a hotel party but my gf was like wtf bro i want to spend time with you! lol it was confusing we spent like 3 hrs going at it like animals. i asked her if she was good, she said she was. so i though aight hotel party, then she flipped cuz apparently she wanted more but didnt want to admit it. women amirite6? mixed messages.

also saturday was my 3 yo nephew’s bday. i think he might be in love with my gf. kept asking her to watch trucks crashing to each other on his ipad and play building blocks and to carry him. cried when we had to leave for the club. it was so cuteeeee. i was like bruhhhhh, just wait like 10 years and you’ll be hittin similar shit.

wow already meeting the fam. getting serious i might say.

when are you going to cheat next?

Lol, funny your story. Are you writing a book? Would buy it without doubt :wink:

“so saturday was my 3 yo nephew’s bday. i think he might be in love with my gf. … i was like bruhhhhh, just wait like 10 years and you’ll be hittin similar ****.”

You are asking him to get pedoed?

lol ohai you know what i meant. my lil nephew’s one good looking lucky dude. a filipino ginger. his parents make over 300k/year. i mean when i was growing up, we were 4 kids living under 70k/year (it was like 20k in the philippines). anyways my point is, he will have every advantage and the world will be at his feet.i absolutely envy his position. a fresh start with every advantage available!

to igor, yep, i told her if she gets pregnant, i’ll marry her. i also opened up on my changing philosophy on how i used to think people dont change, but how i changed a lot. i mean i did admit that i still think about cheating a lot, and that sometimes i am sad cuz my life not as fun as before, but i think a kid will fix all that. very likely if there we were to break up i will just revert to my old ways.

also she actually asked me during our stay how many girls i slept it with this year. and i can proudly say, if we dont count new year’s eve. just 1 and its her. lol. anyways this year has been hectic with a lot of changes. im pretty torn and have been thinking a lot. prolly why i wanted to start writing a journal, but decided against it when i found out that my bitcoin friend has been writing a journal and he uses it to dump his feelings. makes me laugh.

haha this is a better song for bitcoin:


Fuck what I said, it don’t mean shit now Fuck the presents, might as well throw 'em out Fuck all those kisses, they didn’t mean jackFuck you, you ho, I don’t want you backFuck what I said, it don’t mean shit now Fuck the presents, might as well throw 'em out Fuck all those kisses, they didn’t mean jackFuck you, you ho, I don’t want you back

You thought you could keep this shit from me, yeah?Ya burnt bitch, I heard the story You played me, you even gave him headNow you’re askin’ for me back You’re just another act Look elsewhere, 'cause you’re done with me

my man

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I guess it could be that Nery is banging a teenager. Then the advice would be a bit less weird.

Anyway, one of the saddest things about this is that the bitcoin guy isn’t even that rich. I’d imagine that the quality of gold diggers declines at the bottom of the barrel.

he stands to inherit 5m at 26. to me that is very rich. that’s top 2 percentile irrespective of age. he kind of reminds me of this dude (not ethnicity but behavior wise, also he isnt that fat, and the girl is pretty similar to this (lookwise, but speaks perfect english):


bro first your girl is watching truck crashing videos with other dudes… whats next? the natural assumption is strange men will be crashing their trucks into her… you gotta lay down the law

You’re kidding, right? Gold digger is going to wait 40 years for his parents to die? The money is not his. Plus, sorry to burst your bubble, but a ton of people have parents worth $5 million brah. It’s not a small amount, but it is far from the amount where you’d consider marrying someone for the money. Some people would, but like I said, this number would attract only the bottom feeders of gold diggers. She was obviously going to pump and dump him - take a couple hundred thousand dollars from the amount that is actually his, and then divorce in the short term. If he’s ok with this, then he is… a unique individual.

Gotta side with Ohai on all aspects.

ohai it stands at 5m right now, but you very well know that people get richer every year. so its obviously going to be a lot more further down the line. my friend obviously gets stipends, so she will be living the good life irrespective on when he inherits it. obviously there is a lot of people over $5m since 2% of 300m is about 6 million people. but he is richer than most and that amount by itself will earn 500k/year. his life is golden. i understand why you are hating on his inherited wealth. i too am envious of all my rich friends but that is how life works, you play with the cards you are dealt, no point in getting pissy about it. i think gold diggers just want to live a good life with barely any work. not necessarily to fend for their own. and imo he will be able to give that.

I’m not “hating”. He’s just not rich enough to attract quality gold diggers by any means. It also seems to elude you that your parents’ money is not your until they die. He is not receiving $500k a year from his parents.

Imagine you did a survey of all US people, regarding how rich someone would have to be for you to marry them for money. I’m pretty sure there will be a negative correlation between how trashy the surveyed person is, and how rich the subject would have to be. Anyone who answers “yes” to this bitcoin guy would probably be pretty trashy.

Obviously, the results would be skewed by non-wealth attributes, like if you just like the person. However, this particular relationship seems driven by money to a high degree, and the guy even admits it.

Lol I guess I was born “rich”. Anyhow, $5M in California is not FU money in any sense, especially for the type that would be considered a gold digger. What Ohai is saying is that assuming we group gold diggers together all or obviously not created equal just as all wealth is not equal and with $5M being about the lowest amount someone will possibly marry for money that would obviously be a retread of gold diggers. The twinky of pastries if you will. I mean, do that math, $5M distributed over a lifetime of stipends or pushed off 20 years to inheritance and shared likely not in 50/50 fashion is peanuts in the scheme of deciding who you would co-inhabit with. I’ve seen attractive people marry for money and the amounts involved were multiples of what you’re describing. I had a cousin get engaged to a guy from Belgium in a doomed transaction that was very money oriented, but the figures involved were closer to 9 figures than they were 8 and he was a somewhat normal looking person in her age bracket. The reality is given one life to live most people are unwilling to marry for money and if they are it’s usually a size able figure or they’re trashy. So there are a bucket of women who prefer to date professional athletes. My gut tells me the woman dating the backup kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs or a lineman is not the same as the one dating a franchise QB.

lol well i do not disagree that she is shit quality. but i do disagree with 5m as not enough. its way more than enough right now. anything that generates a passive income of 100k is pretty good already in los angeles. i know cuz i live here.

You’re also in your twenties without a home presumably living in a 1BR and think bottle service is a status symbol. I mean when I was in my 20’s I probably would have agreed with you. But $100k of passive income is not that great if you’re actually trying to live an upper class lifestyle (1% income nationally is about $500k) and you have to realize that that number will continually dwindle with inflation. It’s just not a big number.

whats a “quality gold digger”?

also, you should offer your money mgmt services free of charge to your $5mil friend so you can help him compound his $5mil (borrow) at your 40% CAGR , so in 20 years he will have $4 bil and that point he wouldnt mind giving you a few hundred million.

get the contract in writing tho

pro tip: you should always offer everything for free until you prove your value.