I just bombed the Mock Exam? What next?

I just took the free Sample Exam online and got a 40%. I have no idea what to do. The last three schweser tests I took I got in the 58-63% range. I also studied and reviewed more before that mock exam. I feel like I’ve been wasting my time. Any advise? Please help.

You have 10 days - do you have the QBank? Low 60’s is not hopeless with close to 2 weeks to go. You can still pull this off with a lot of practice.

if i was u…i’d Chart out the areas u did worst in…against the weight distributions of questions given by CFA… find the biggest ones where u can get the most points… and just hammer those home… to be honest i didn’t do so well on the mock either vs my schweser tests results…i think for me, it was the computer format, vs schweser paper format…then the instant result of CORRECT vs WRONG…kinda got in my own head…because as i moved on to the next q…if i missed the previous one i was still trying to figure out what i did wrong etc…

I do have Qbank. I’ve gotten as high as 83% on that. I always print them out though. I do find it harder to take in on the computer but a damn 40% is embarrassing. I can focus on some areas because I got 100% in the same area I get 100% on Schweser test. I just have some really weak areas apparently. I only have 2 weeks left, I don’t know if I get everything done in time.

just out of curiosity, how many hours of studying have you put in? i feel like im puttin in a good amount for low scores too!

I started going about 12-15 hours a week around the end of march. All together I have to be close to 150 hours. But I also just graduated from school so this stuff should be fresh in my head.