I just finished the QBank

but before anyone praises this or thinks I am crazy, let me elaborate Only got 76% on the Qbank which is not great (given that there are only 3 choices). This is my detailed study plan 1) Watched Schweser Videos to get overview (done) 2) Quick read of Schweser Notes (8-10 hours total) done 3) Re-read Schweser one chapter at a time. The way I did the Qbank was read one study session and complete all Qbank questions for that study session at one time. Finished yesterday with doing (17-18) 4) First Read of Secret Sauce (TODAY’s game plan) 5) Re Read Schweser Notes (This week and next weekend 6) Then spend next month doing the Schweser Exams and CFAI past 7) Attending 3 day seminar 8) Will read selected sections of CFAI text (GIPS, Ethics…any others that you suggest?) Was ready for another day of studying and running errands, but woke up at 5:30AM (East Coast US), to find a crack and leak in my ceiling…its going to be a fun day.

praise you or think you’re crazy?? no no i was just going to abuse you…but nnaaaah…i’ll let it slide… PS: i’d throw in a little bit of reading the cfai text for PWM … and doing the CFAI EOC questions…and the CFA sample/mock exams… good luck to youu…

Wow if you can read sauce in 1 day. 300+ pages take me forever.

you can quick read all of Schweser notes in 8 to 10 hours ??

I doubt I could read one book in 8 hours.

Yeah, I guess I was getting ahead of myself on the sauce…got through the first 160 pages today and needed to take a break (so I read the 30 pages at the end on exam tips)…not sure if I am going to finish it or not.