I just got my @ss handed to me in the Sample Exams

Wow…63% and a 60%. Spent $80 to get taken down several notches! Considering I never got below 70% on any sample or mocks before, I am guessing this test will be way harder than I thought previously. Everyone beware!!! Pay the the money and take the samples exams.

in level II, I got 63% in sample exam and I passed so don’t worry.

The second sample massacred me… I got a 56%… have gone 72% and 75% on schweser volume 1 exam 1 PM and volume 2 exam 1 Pm respectively…so not really sure what to think. I don’t know why but there is something hard about the CFA sample version of having to do each question individually…

How do those samples handle the essay section?

Just took Sample #1 Definitely Tricky. Got a 60%, but made 1 errant button click so should be a 63% being I would have the ability to use the eraser in the real thing. Eitherway depressing:(